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Bopp Tapes

Things you should know about BOPP Tapes: 

BOPP or Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene, few facts about this. 

  • This tape can be stretched in both directions as its name suggests Biaxially Oriented. 
  • Polypropylene has many other qualities such as abrasion resistant and many more.

We are the best BOPP tapes manufacturers as we make the most transparent and high strengthened tapes for any sort of packaging purpose.

Variety of BOPP tapes: 

We here at your service the leading BOPP tapes suppliers along with a wide range of BOPP tapes such as plain BOPP tapes coloured BOPP tapes, online store branded BOPP tapes and many more.

Features of BOPP tapes: 

BOPP tapes have few unique features which made it one of the best packaging tapes. 

  • It has high gloss along with excellent clarity.
  • It has wrinkled and shrinks proof quality. 
  • It is absolutely non-toxic and recyclable. 
  • It comes with heat and UV rays resistance capacity. 
  • It has high or low temperatures resistance.

In order to find the best quality tape, you check out our quality BOPP tapes in Delhi.

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