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Tapes are commonly used for sealing boxes and packaging for shipments. Though there are many type of tapes available with different widths the most used tapes are two or three inches wide and they are in general made of polypropylene or polyester backing. As the profound Tape manufacturers in location, we make sure packaging tapes are created with a pressure-sensitive material which makes a difference. And the strength of this tape is really commendable because the backing is made to high-quality vinyl, cloth, and polypropylene.

For Industry-specific needs

Considered ideal for packing and labelling. Since it has all such properties that made it do so. We are a leading wholesale tape suppliers in location. The material we used in manufacturing offers minimal elongation and is burst resistant. Our standard product is widely used in most industries so you can be assured to find the correct product for your application.

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The retail market has completely transformed in so many years. Taking industry need into account we offer a range of thickness for BOPP tapes. It can be used in both hot and cold temperatures and offers improved adhesiveness and high-tensile strength for Packaging. Reach to us, if living in location.

BOPP Tapes

We here at your service the leading BOPP tapes suppliers along with a wide range of BOPP tapes such as plain BOPP tapes coloured BOPP tapes, online store branded BOPP tapes and many more.

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